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Reinforced fiber kraft paper tape
Material: high-grade kraft paper, fiber silk, pressure sensitive adhesive. Features: good viscosity, strong pulling force, not easy to break. Uses: suitable for wrapping carton and packaging bags.
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Layered Kraft Paper Tape
Material: layered kraft paper, acrylic glue. Features: strong adhesion, smooth pasting, kraft paper can be written after layering. Uses: Suitable for packaging of general cartons, special use for export boxes can be written.
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High temperature kraft paper tape
Material: high-grade kraft paper, acrylic glue. Features: A. Resistant to instantaneous high temperature, and sticks smoothly.    B. Smooth surface and strong connection force. Purpose: Suitable for use in the instant high temperature environment of the leather industry connector and the paper industry connector.
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Kraft paper tape for sticky hair
Material: high-grade kraft paper, special strong pressure-sensitive adhesive. Features: Good adhesion, strong adhesion after repeated use. Uses: Suitable for sticky wool and sticky silk in the clothing industry.
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Ordinary Kraft Paper Tape
Material: Kraft paper, rubber glue. Features: A. Good adhesion, not easy to deteriorate.    B. Easy to tear, strong resistance to tension. Purpose: Suitable for general packaging and carton sealing.
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