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EVA foam tape
Material: EVA, solvent-based or hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, release paper or release film. Features: economical, strong adhesion, sealing, shockproof and anti-skid. Uses: Used for fixing small objects, pasting nameplates, and pasting on external walls.
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Car sponge tape
Material: Compression resistant foam, strong acrylic adhesive, film. Features: sound absorption, vibration, sealing, strong adhesion. Purpose: It is convenient to bond on various surfaces, can be die-cut, and is suitable for fixing and connecting no parts inside and outside the car.
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Acrylic Sponge Tape
Material: Acrylic foam, special pressure sensitive adhesive, release film. Features: heat resistance of about 150 degrees, ultra-high adhesion and ultra-high retention, excellent high-temperature cohesion, solvent resistance and chemical resistance, heat resistance and ultra-high retention. Uses: suitable for pasting plastic parts and iron parts, suitable for pasting and seeding boards.
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Hook sponge tape
Material: special foam, strong adhesive, release paper. Features: strong viscosity, no glue residue when removed. Uses: Suitable for fixing clothes hooks; fixing toys, photo frames and various plastic parts.
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